Mother Nature has always wanted us to share our living spaces with plants. It is all but natural to have plants around us. Importantly, these harmless plants are silently beneficial to our health and environment.

Sadly, as we work and stay indoors (90% of the time), we begin to lose the perks of having plants around. Supported by numerous scientific papers, it is evidently shown that potted plants microcosm helps improve our living spaces and why we should bring them back in.

Air: Plants are the lungs of Mother Earth and in buildings or rooms; they functionally purify, clean and oxygenate the air we breathe.

Augmentation: Planters and plants are the perfect choice furnishings that can be used to augment human traffic flows in buildings. It can also be used as privacy screens to shield view from unwanted audiences.

Aesthetics: Improving the feel and ambience of any living space, plants fit in every time. Be it a stuffy filing room or the hard looking toilet, plants add a welcoming spark against any sign of gloominess. Plants add colors to the dull spaces, softness against hard surfaces and coziness where people gather. They are the perfect furniture in any space.

A connection to nature has the ability to improve our lives in the workplace and commercial environment. Not only are plants beautiful, they are the lungs of the earth and provide a low cost way to reduce indoor air pollution.

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